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Cecil’s birthmarks changes shape and movement with his emotions - they flare up when he’s flustered or angry, hide under clothing when he’s scared or embarrassed, move rapidly when he’s excited, softer shapes for good feelings and rougher shapes for bad ones etc.

He’s kinda self-conscious about them since it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but Carlos thinks they’re pretty (and also scientifically fascinating).


x Carlos the Scientist

  • there are four knobs on his goggles; zooming, shading, night vision, and heat signature. he wants to build in something that can detect matter, but he hasn’t been able to install it yet.
  • okay, so i know i drew tentacle tattoos, but i’m still trying to decide whether to keep them as tentacles, or splatter him in galaxy-types of tattoos, hhhhh
  • he has a scar on his throat because he has to change his vocal cords every couple of years because- well, you know, throat spiders
  • he has tentacles in one of the au’s i’m working on for him, and i decided to make them blue tentacles, aaaaa, brhrsdtf the tentacles were fun to draw

and that’s it for tonight’s stream; thank you to everyone who stopped by. <333 u\u

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