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Arg, I’m still not there with getting how I see them in my head down! But airinn and littleulvar tempt me with their awesome and fitting split hair designs. 

Anyway, I didn’t want to rush ahead of canon with Cecil and Carlos, I really didn’t. Let them have more than one date, see how they act when… oh, but, nope. I couldn’t help myself. Canon will catch up eventually though, yes? :D

(Source: meadowruedraws)


"I hope you’re at least protecting yourself, hijo."

I said to my friend BJ that I keep thinking about that scene in Bridget Jones the first movie and that it’d suit Cecil and Carlos, and she said to do it. 

So I did. 

(This was planned to be a single sketch, how did it become a gif. Also drawing Cecil with hair all over the place was one of the nicest thing I did in my life.)

Also this is the lube BJ found as the perfect Night Vale lube when I was looking up ref, everybody else go home.

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